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Send a message of hope and solidarity to Mubarak Bala and his family

  • Date / 28 June 2022

This month, as we celebrate World Humanist Day, we must not forget those who are unable to live life true to their humanist values.

Earlier this month we celebrated World Humanist Day – a time to share the positive values of the humanist approach to life. Sadly, not everyone in our global community is able to share their humanist views so freely and today we are thinking of our friend and colleague, Mubarak Bala; a Nigerian humanist who was recently sentenced to 24 years in prison for expressing his non-religious beliefs on social media.

Held without charge for 462 days. Denied access to his legal team for months. Court hearings subjected to repeated adjournments. Denied bail and access to medical care… For more than two years Mubarak’s fundamental rights to liberty and a fair trial have been consistently violated.

Please help us to overturn this outrageous conviction by donating to Mubarak’s legal fund today.

We know it isn’t just the Humanist community who will feel passionately about Mubarak’s case; people all around the world will be shocked and appalled by his treatment. You can help Mubarak by donating to our legal fund and by sharing his story.

Every donation sends a clear message of hope and solidarity to Mubarak and his family.

If you’re not able to give right now, please consider sharing the campaign page with your online networks instead, using the hashtag #FreeMubarakBala to help us raise awareness and reach even more people. With your support, we will continue to campaign for Mubarak’s sentence to be overturned, and to ensure his safe release.

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As a registered charity and NGO, we rely on the donations we receive from our members and supporters to help us protect humanists at risk of persecution and violence around the world. If you support our aims, please consider giving a one-off or regular gift today. Thank you.

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