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Ten ways to celebrate this World Humanist Day

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  • Date / 21 June 2022

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Today is World Humanist Day – a time to celebrate what it means to be a humanist and to share the positive values of humanism.

World Humanist Day is celebrated every year on 21 June and we have been celebrating it since the 1980s. Here are some quick and easy ways to get involved this year:

  1. Share a few thoughts on social media which sum up why you are a humanist – remember to use the hashtag #WorldHumanistDay and tag us in your posts.
  2. If you use Facebook, you can download our profile picture frame here: https://www.twibbonize.com/world-humanist-day
  3. Check out and share our updated Amsterdam Declaration which was recently approved at the Humanists International 2022 General Assembly.
  4. If you aren’t already, why not become an Individual Supporter of Humanists International? Your donations help us to campaign on humanist issues, lobby for humanist values at international institutions (including the UN), protect humanists at risk of persecution and violence, and build and support the humanist movement around the world. Already a supporter? Recommend us to a friend instead!
  5. Join your local humanist group or organization – you can find your nearest one here: https://humanists.international/about/our-members
  6. Can’t find a humanist group near you? How about starting your own? You can find information and advice online here: https://humanists.international/about/our-members/membership-resources
  7. Share a favorite humanist quote or book recommendation to encourage others to find out more about humanism. Need some inspiration? Head over to our Humanist Prism page where you will find a collection of remarkable quotes from past and present protagonists of the worldwide humanist movement.
  8. Need more inspiration? Our friends over at Humanists UK have a fantastic reading list with something for everyone.
  9. Know someone who is interested in finding out more about humanism? Why not encourage them to subscribe to our newsletter or invite them to follow us on Facebook?
  10. Have a party! No explanation needed – it’s a day to celebrate!

Doing something else? Let us know what you are doing to celebrate or share your photos and videos using the hashtag #WorldHumanistDay.

Whatever you do, we hope you enjoy your day. For more information, tips and ideas, visit https://humanists.international/what-is-humanism/world-humanist-day

Become an Individual Supporter this World Humanist Day

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