Humanist Society Singapore publish an illustrated guidebook on Interfaith

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  • Date / 14 December 2022

The Humanist Society Singapore, a Member of Humanists International, has just published an illustrated Interfaith Guidebook to help navigate more productive conversations and dialogues with people from different religions or beliefs.

The guidebook is part of a bigger project that Humanists International supported through a grant in 2022. The project aims to work with other religious groups and communities in interfaith dialogues to spread humanism and promote social harmony, especially in Singapore.

Ding Jie Tan, Vice President of the Humanist Society Singapore, said:

“It can be challenging to navigate civil discourse. The issues that we, as a society, must deal with are often intertwined with our identities, such as our race, language, religion, culture, and sexuality. It can sometimes seem convenient to sweep these issues under the rug, to label such conversations as taboo, or to avoid discussing them altogether. Yet we cannot start building a cohesive society without first laying the foundations of trust and mutual understanding. We hope that this guidebook will facilitate your journey in active citizenry and inter-identity dialogues.”

Javan Lev Poblador, Membership Development Officer of Humanists International, added:

“We are proud to have supported this project with a Development Grant this year. This illustrated guide helps promote mutual understanding and harmony in a community, and can be used for practically any conversation – depending on what you are trying to say!

Our friends from the Humanist Society Singapore made the guidebook public and is free to use by anyone.”

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