First partner organization meeting in European Capacity Building project in Rome

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  • Date / 28 April 2023

On 31 March, 26 representatives of the 18 partner organizations in the European Capacity Building and Networking project met in Rome for the first time in the offices of member organization ‘Unione degli Atei e degli Agnostici Razionalisti’ (UAAR). The project is focused on the development of humanist services such as ceremonies, chaplaincy, and educational activities and all the administration, training, and coordination that goes along with the provision of such services.

On the basis of the analysis in the scoping exercise conducted by Humanists International’s Lone Ree Milkær, the partner organizations have signed a partnership agreement to commit to the activities of the project and to participate in the development and growth of the project for the next two years.

During a full-day meeting, the representatives had the opportunity to discuss their vision for capacity building and networking in Europe. Possibilities and challenges, assumptions, and perspectives were discussed in depth, and areas for development were identified. Wedding ceremonies, chaplaincy, and youth education will be the areas of focus for the next couple of years. More information will follow once the meeting notes have been scrutinized and plans have been made.

Lone Ree Milkær,
Humanist Professionals Network Manager

Humanist Professionals Network Manager, Lone Ree Milkær, stated after the meeting:

“It was a great opportunity for the organizations to meet and get involved in the project and the engagement and level of ideas and aspirations for the future cooperation was really impressive. I look forward to many more meetings like this one in the future and to develop networks and capacity building initiatives with the members.”

At the meeting, it became clear that there is a need for accessible information about humanist service activities conducted by our Member Organizations in order to have a clearer view of cooperation possibilities, including where to find inspiration and useful experience.

Apart from being a very productive meeting, it was a chance for the partners to get to know each other, have some pleasant conversations, and enjoy a meal together. Representatives from member organizations in Malta, Finland, Romania, Poland, UK, Scotland, Denmark, Germany, Norway, Italy, Ireland, Iceland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Hungary and The Netherlands participated in the meeting.

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