‘Longing for Peace’ at World Humanist Day in Berlin.

German humanists from Humanistischer Verband celebrate with a one-day festival at the Humanist House

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  • Date / 28 June 2023

‘Longing for Peace’ was the headline at the humanist festival for World Humanist Day in Berlin 2023 – Welthumanist_innentag in German. Humanistischer Verband Berlin-Brandenburg, which is a section of Humanists International member Humanistischer Verband Deutchlands (the German Humanists Association), had put together a program that included, among other things, interesting discussions, thought-provoking talks, poetry slams, a city walk, and music.

At Haus des Humanismus (Humanist House) in the Schöneberg-part of Berlin, Humanistischer Verband Berlin-Brandenburg invited all of their members and friends for a day-long celebration of humanism for Welthumanist_innentag. The invitation included international humanist friends, from Malta, Belgium, Norway, and Humanists International as well.

The day began with a pre-recorded reading of the Amsterdam Declaration in several European languages read by representatives from humanist organizations all over Europe. There were discussions of the philosophical positions on peace and pacifism, and of the value of inter-confessional cooperation.

As part of the program, the group of Queer, Lesbian, and Gay Humanists revealed the brand new Rainbow flags in front of the Humanist House. There was a walk around the area of Berlin-Schöneberg with a focus on pacifism and an introduction to German peace activists at the beginning of the 20th century, including Bertha von Suttner, who was the first woman to win the Nobel Peace price and the author of the pacifist classic, ‘Lay down your arms!’ from 1889.

The program also included a presentation of some of the initiatives Humanistischer Verband cooperates with in Berlin, including the Atheist Refugees Relief-program (Säkulare Flüchtlingeshilfe) and a neighbour initiative to welcome Russian speaking refugees in Berlin (Rlichtenberg)

The spoken word poet, Miedya Mahmod, spoke of a Europe in conflict with itself and the lack of humanism as a hindrance to peace. The program was beautifully concluded by a concert with Trio SCHO which consist of both Russian and Ukrainian musicians and in that way, the longing for peace was answered with art and humanism in unison.

You can find a slam by Meidya Mahmod on respect (in German) here.

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