Humanists International releases 2022 Annual Report: “Shaping the Future Together”

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  • Date / 14 July 2023

Humanists International, the global advocacy organization representing humanists worldwide, is proud to announce the publication of its 2022 Annual Report, titled “Shaping the Future Together.” This comprehensive report showcases the organization’s accomplishments, challenges, and ongoing initiatives in advancing humanism and promoting human rights across the globe.

The Annual Report provides a detailed overview of Humanists International’s key activities, campaigns, and projects conducted throughout the year 2022. It highlights the organization’s commitment to fostering a world in which humanists, atheists, and freethinkers are respected and protected, and where human rights and secular values are upheld.

Gary McLelland, Chief Executive of Humanists International, expressed his enthusiasm for the report, stating, “The 2022 Annual Report serves as a testament to the remarkable dedication and efforts of our global network of humanists. It demonstrates our unwavering commitment to safeguarding human rights, promoting critical thinking, and advocating for secularism. We are proud of the impact we have made, and this report highlights the progress we have achieved together.”

President Andrew Copson also commented on the report, saying, “The 2022 Annual Report reflects our collective accomplishments in challenging times. It showcases the resilience of humanists worldwide and their relentless pursuit of a more just and inclusive society. We are grateful for the support of our members, partners, and allies, and we look forward to continuing our collaborative efforts in shaping a better future for all.”

The report features in-depth analysis of Humanists International’s initiatives, including legal interventions, advocacy campaigns, and projects aimed at promoting human rights, supporting humanist activists, and combating discrimination against non-religious individuals. It also highlights the organization’s engagement with the United Nations, international organizations, and civil society to champion humanist values and protect the rights of non-believers.

“Shaping the Future Together” is an invaluable resource for policymakers, academics, activists, and anyone interested in understanding the vital work Humanists International undertakes to advance humanist principles and strengthen the global humanist movement.

The 2022 Annual Report is now available for download on the Humanists International website.

About Humanists International:
Humanists International is the global representative body of the humanist movement, uniting a diverse range of non-religious organizations and individuals worldwide. Its mission is to build and represent the global humanist movement, defending human rights, promoting humanist values, and supporting humanists at risk.

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