Humanists International visits Ugandan members: “Humanism is needed more than ever”

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  • Date / 22 November 2023

Javan Lev Poblador, Membership Development Officer at Humanists International, recently traveled to Uganda to visit several of our members in the region, including Freedom Centre Uganda, Ruhiira Humanist Initiative For Community Development, Humanist Association for Leadership, Equality, and Accountability (HALEA), and Uganda Humanist Association (UHASSO).

The purpose of the visit was to find out more about the successful growth of these organizations over the past three years, with the aim of sharing valuable insights to support other global regions. The visit was also an opportunity to hear about their successes, address challenges, and identify areas where Humanists International can provide meaningful support.

Discussions during the meeting covered the complex political landscape impacting humanists and the LGBTI+ community in Uganda, and the associated obstacles to their work and projects. Several members emphasized the pressing need for humanist values to be mainstreamed amidst the growing political turmoil.

Despite these challenges, Ugandan members showcased resilience by actively running campaigns on various crucial issues. Some initiatives, funded by Humanists International, focus on areas such as LGBTI+ rights, humanist ceremonies, young humanist leadership training, and inter-belief cooperation.

This important and insightful visit emphasizes Humanists International’s ongoing commitment to understand and support its Members, in order to foster better collaboration and strengthen our global humanist community.

Kamugisha Louis, from Freedom Center Uganda, said:

It was a great moment for humanists from Freedom Centre Uganda and Ruhiira Humanist Initiative for Community Development in Uganda to meet with Javan Lev Pablador. We learned a lot from this engagement as humanists, and it demonstrated the commitment of Humanist International to support its global Members and Associates. Freedom Centre-Uganda greatly appreciates the incredible work the HI team does to promote humanism globally.

Asiimwe Adonis, from the Ruhiira Humanist Initiative for Community Development, said:

During our meeting with Javan, a representative from Humanists International and Freedom Centre Uganda, I recognized and wholeheartedly acknowledged the importance of joining forces to plant the seeds of humanism. Through advocacy for compassion, equality, and dignity, we aim to nurture a garden where every soul flourishes in the sunlight of understanding and respect.

Joseph Lukyamuzi, from HALEA and UHASSO, commented:

Ugandan Humanists were pleased to meet Javan from Humanists International who was in Uganda as part of his outreach to East African humanists.

We share the challenges facing humanism in Uganda, current undertakings as well as future prospects. We look forward to more similar interactions.

Javan Lev Poblador, Membership Development Officer of Humanists International, added:

I am delighted that Humanists International has embraced the opportunity to meet our members face-to-face, fostering genuine discussions beyond computer screens. This visit allowed us to strengthen our ties with our Ugandan members, and the positive response indicates the tremendous value of such personal engagements. We look forward to undertaking more visits like these in the future.

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