Oslo meeting strengthens European humanist collaboration

  • post Type / Members and partners
  • Date / 21 December 2023

In a partnership meeting, representatives from humanist organizations in Romania, Poland, Norway, and the Czech Republic gathered in Oslo for a collaborative initiative to foster a stronger sense of unity and cooperation. The meeting, which took place on a weekend in October, was part of an ongoing collaboration that has been in place for several years, to share ideas and experiences among European humanist organizations.

The initiative is aligned with the international strategy adopted by the Norwegian Humanist Association, which encourages regional groups to collaborate with select European counterparts. This year’s meeting was particularly significant as it included the Czech Republic’s participation, expanding the cooperation network.

The planned program, developed during Teams meetings in June and a shorter session at the World Humanist Congress in Copenhagen in August, comprised four main elements. First on the agenda was a partnership meeting where all organizations shared comprehensive reports on their activities in 2023 and outlined preliminary plans for 2024.

The second element featured an open meeting focused on the issue of modern superstition in Europe, with speakers representing each of the participating countries. This forum allowed for an exchange of perspectives and insights on a growing concern.

Adding a unique cultural touch to the weekend, participants had the opportunity to take part in one of the Norwegian Humanist Association’s baby naming ceremonies at Oslo City Hall. This experience provided a glimpse into the diverse practices within the humanist community.

The fourth and final element involved a meeting dedicated to unraveling the secrets behind the success of the Norwegian Humanist Association over the past sixty years. Past Presidents, a former Secretary General, and a senior political advisor engaged in discussions, shedding light on the key factors contributing to the organization’s remarkable growth.

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