Peruvian Atheist Association leads secularism through collaboration and advocacy

  • post Type / Growth and Development
  • Date / 18 March 2024

Through the Grants Program 2023, the Peruvian Association of Atheists (APERAT) demonstrated its commitment to promoting secularism by organizing regional networking meetings advocating for a secular state in Peru under the project “Talking and acting about the secular state in Peru.”

These gatherings enabled activists and scholars to exchange ideas, fostering a deeper understanding of atheism and its historical context within the country. The project reached over 100 individuals and received positive feedback from participants.

Additionally, collaboration with Humanists International enabled the production of materials for future campaigns, including the symbolic black scarf event advocating for secularism. Javier Caballero, a social media administrator, highlighted the impact of these events in fostering dialogue and awareness, even extending to academic settings.

Diego Rossel, an activist from Arequipa, emphasized the project’s role in consolidating a community of rationalistic individuals in a traditionally conservative city. Looking ahead, APERAT plans to sustain its networks and communication channels, leveraging online platforms while exploring opportunities to reengage with supporters in person. Despite the conclusion of funding from Humanists International, the organization remains committed to advancing secular values in Peru and beyond.

Sebastián Pastor Ramírez, researcher at the Peruvian Association of Atheists, said:

“The exchange of ideas, questions from the public and seeking to convey in a clear, simple way, without losing academic rigor, a topic that can be dense, has been gratifying and positive for me. The topic of atheism has been a gap in historiography and there are recent and few publications that have begun to address the topic.”

Javan Lev Poblador, Membership Development Officer of Humanists International, commented:

“Humanists International extends heartfelt appreciation for the impactful conclusion of the project with APERAT. Together, we have advanced dialogue, raised awareness, and empowered communities in Peru, demonstrating the enduring commitment to humanist values globally.”



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