Humanists International joins Call for Open Civic Space ahead of European elections

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  • Date / 8 April 2024

Humanists International has endorsed a European wide civil-society manifesto aimed at amplifying the call for an open civic space and heightened dialogue with policymakers across the European Union in view of the upcoming European elections (6th to 9th June 2024).

Humanists International, alongside a diverse coalition of European civil society organisations, is taking part in the “Civil Society for EU” campaign, which seeks to underscore the need for a revitalised civic space and robust civil dialogue throughout Europe.

The manifesto outlines the challenges faced by civil society across the continent: from restrictive legislative frameworks to bureaucratic barriers and persistent threats, impeding the full realisation of its potential. Furthermore, the manifesto emphasises the urgent need for the EU to take action against these trends over the next (five year) mandate. It also calls for the creation of opportunities for civil society to actively engage in shaping policy agendas and amplifying the voices of citizens. Finally, the manifesto calls on the incoming European Parliament and Commission to embrace an EU-wide Civil Society Strategy and facilitate an Agreement on Civil Dialogue.

Humanists International’s European Advocacy Officer, Tania Giacomuzzi Mota commented,

“In endorsing this manifesto, Humanists International, together with civil society partners, reaffirms the importance of a collective commitment to safeguarding an open, inclusive, and dynamic civic space across Europe.”

Featured photo by Alexander Van Steenberge on Unsplash

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