Humanists International launches 2024 Grants Program

  • post Type / Growth and Development
  • Date / 8 April 2024

In a move aimed at bolstering humanist endeavors globally, Humanists International has announced its 2024 Grants Program. This initiative seeks to provide vital support for projects addressing humanist issues while promoting the values of humanism among its Members and Associates.

At the core of Humanists International’s mission lies the vision to have successful and sustainable member organizations across every corner of the globe. To realize this, Humanists International executes an annual Growth & Development Plan, a comprehensive strategy designed to furnish humanist organizations worldwide with essential resources such as funding, training, intellectual support, and more.

The newly announced 2024 Grants Program features six distinct grant categories tailored to meet the diverse needs of humanist initiatives:

  • Development Grants (£17,000)
  • Digital Humanism Grants (£11,000)
  • Regional Networking Meetings Grants (£6,000)
  • Humanist Ceremonies Grants (£5,400)
  • Café Humaniste Online Grants (£1,400)
  • Young Humanist Grants (£4,200)

Prospective applicants are encouraged to visit the Humanists International website and navigate to the Growth & Development page for comprehensive information on each grant program, including eligibility requirements, selection criteria, and application procedures.

The application deadline for the 2024 Grants Program is set for 11 May 2024. To facilitate the application process and provide additional support, the dedicated staff of Humanists International will be available in the coming days to engage with Members and Associates, offering guidance and assistance with project proposals.

Javan Lev Poblador, Membership Development Officer of Humanists International, added:

“We are hosting a Grant Writing Workshop on 17 April to provide guidance on the application process. We encourage all prospective applicants to participate and make the most out of this opportunity.

“We owe our ability to distribute these essential grants to the generous backing provided by our Members, Associates, and supporters.

While you are here...

As a registered charity and NGO, we rely on the donations we receive from our members and supporters to help us campaign on humanist issues, lobby for humanist values at international institutions (including the United Nations) and protect humanists at risk of persecution and violence. If you support our aims, please consider giving a one-off or regular gift today. Thank you.

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