Advocacy group fights human rights abuses against alleged ‘witches’ in Africa

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  • Date / 22 May 2024

In a bid to protect individuals accused of “witchcraft”, the Advocacy for Alleged Witches (AfAW) spearheaded a project to combat human rights abuses across Africa. “Witchcraft Accusations and Human Rights Abuses project” continues its mission to defend the rights of alleged “witches” across African nations.

Funded by a Development Grant from Humanists International, AfAW has actively engaged in initiatives addressing human rights abuses linked to “witchcraft” accusations. The project has provided medical care, legal aid, and financial support to individuals like Blessing Odege who was abused due to “witchcraft” accusations. The project also secured Pa Justin Kyado with medical attention and legal action after a brutal attack, ensuring his recovery and reintegration into the community.

Additionally, the project collaborates with similar organizations and conducts workshops, public education campaigns, and lobbying efforts to combat systemic challenges faced by those accused of “witchcra”.

Accusations of witchcraft can have severe consequences, leading to physical violence, social isolation, and psychological harm. That is why Humanists International supports project like Advocacy for Alleged Witches’s initiatives, to make sure that this crucial issue is addressed and to safeguard the human rights of accused individuals.


Dooyum Dominic Ingye, Director of Advocacy for Alleged Witches, commented:

“The Advocacy for Alleged Witches remains committed to defending the rights of alleged ‘witches’ in Africa. Our work is crucial in addressing thepervasive human rights abuses stemming from witchcraft accusations. Despite challenges, we continue to advocate for justice and strive for a moreequitable society for all.”



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