Philippines: HAPI’s youth training program completes successful run

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  • Date / 29 May 2024

The Humanist Alliance Philippines, International (HAPI), with support from Humanists International, has successfully concluded its “Leading Myself – Leading Others” youth leadership training program. This initiative, funded by the Young Humanist Grants, aimed to cultivate leadership skills and promote the values of humanism among young leaders from various HAPI Chapters. 

The program addressed the inexperience of some members by equipping them with practical leadership and communication skills. The participants engaged in workshops and activities designed to enhance their abilities to manage teams, plan projects effectively, and confidently promote humanism within their communities. 

Over several weeks, participants engaged in workshops and activities designed to enhance their leadership abilities and confidence. The program covered diverse leadership styles and practical applications, empowering attendees to lead effectively in both their local chapters and professional environments.

“The workshop was engaging and interactive, and everyone was very welcome to listen to the various ideas that each participant had to offer,” shared Glemir Sordilla, a HAPI Scholar from Bacolod City, Negros Occidental. Angelica Jardine Zalameda, a HAPI Junior Ambassador, added, “After attending the youth leadership program, I was able to use and improve my skills to obtain the desired outcomes.”


Mary Jane V. Quiming, Chief Finance Officer of Humanist Alliance Philippines, International, commented:

“This event was not just a training program; it was an investment in the future. It reinforced the belief that when empowered with knowledge, guided by humanist values, and equipped with leadership skills, the youth become catalysts for positive change – a beacon of hope for a world brimming with empathy, understanding, and progress.”


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