Young humanists drive change in Peru

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  • Date / 29 May 2024

The Secular Humanist Society of Peru recently concluded its Young Humanist Meetings, a project aimed at fostering a sustainable humanist movement among younger demographics. Funded by Humanists International, the initiative organized in-person gatherings at cafes, created social media spaces, and engaged university students.

Following the success of their 2023 virtual meetings, this year’s transition to in-person events enhanced accessibility and engagement. The project provided a platform for critical thinking and challenging societal norms. Among the 15 participants, including Sergio Pérez and Nicolás Espinoza, emphasized the impact of these dynamic interactions, highlighting the importance of “disruptive” conversations and the role of epistemology in shaping political beliefs.

The approach of connecting existing humanist groups with younger individuals and offering leadership training has been key to cultivating a sustainable humanist community. By equipping young humanists with tools for intellectual curiosity and informed perspectives, the project has empowered them to critically analyze information and develop well-founded beliefs, ensuring a bright future for the humanist movement in Peru.


Piero Gayozzo, Board Member of Secular Humanist Society of Peru, commented:

“These meetings have been instrumental in fostering critical thinking and promoting humanist values among young individuals. We look forward to continuing our efforts to expand our community and promote rational discourse.”


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