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Humanists International supports humanist groups to develop, grow and flourish in countries across the world. More and more people are non-religious, embracing a humanist lifestance, and valuing democracy over authoritarianism, secularism over religious authority, and human rights over dogma or bigotry.

But there are still many countries in which humanists are persecuted, imprisoned or even killed for the “crimes” of blasphemy or apostasy. We campaign to end blasphemy laws. Our Freedom of Thought Report measures and analyses the treatment of humanists and other non-religious people in every country of the world – the only report of its kind. And through individual casework we offer direct support and assistance to individuals facing persecution or violence.

We also use our special consultative status at the United Nations to promote freedom of religion or belief, freedom of expression, and humanist values. We raise awareness of the persecution faced by humanists, and advocate on behalf of issues including women’s rights, LGBTI+, children’s rights, caste discrimination, harmful practices based on culture, tradition or religion including FGM and forced marriage.

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Join us today and you can be a part of helping to change the world in line with our humanist vision of the future.

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