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Timing of Board meetings

The Board usually meets six time per calendar year, three in-person and three online.

In-person Board meetings are usually held over the weekend of;

  • the third Saturday of February;
  • the third Saturday of May and;
  • the third Saturday of October.

Online Board meetings are usually held on:

  • the third Saturday of August;
  • the third Saturday of November, and;
  • a ‘Pre-General Assembly’ meeting, around 38 days before the General Assembly.

Format of Board meetings

The Board uses the opportunity of its in-person meetings to travel to meet Members and Associates, and learn about their work (with the exception of the October meeting, which usually takes place in London). The in-person Board meetings usually follow this format:

  • Friday (day): Seminar with host organization;
  • Friday (evening): Dinner or event with host organization;
  • Saturday: Board meeting, and Board dinner in the evening;
  • Sunday: Board meeting and departure in the evening.

Online Board meetings are held via Google Meet, usually from 2pm-7pm UK-time.

Travel expenses

Board members expenses policy

2020 Expenses Claim Form (Download)

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