Humanist Prism

There are millions of people all around the world who share humanist values and ideas. But each is also unique, like one face of a huge prism with many sides. Here we collect the different voices of the protagonists of the international humanist movement, in a series we call: Humanist Prism.

“Humanist prism” is a collection of remarkable quotes from past and present protagonists of the worldwide humanist movement, including for example:

  • Humanists International notable personalities
  • representatives of Humanists International Member Organizations
  • humanist activists, intellectuals, philosophers, writers, artists, etc.

We will be showing the diverse faces and various views of the international humanist family demonstrating the positive outlook of Humanism.

Quotes will be shared on this page and on Humanists International’s social media channels with the hashtag #HumanistPrism

You can contribute to the “Humanist prism” project sending us your quotes and suggestions to [email protected], indicating:

  • text of the quote – preferably less than 260 characters (with spaces);
  • the source of the quote – if already published in a book, a journal or elsewhere;
  • name and position of the author.

Below are all quotes from the Humanist Prism series published before February 2019.

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