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Advocating to support humanists coming-out and young humanist activists in the Philippines

  • Organization Name / Filipino Freethinkers
  • Organization Location / Philippines
  • Beneficiary Location(s) / Philippines
  • Amount of money awarded / £2,860
  • Humanist Issue Tackled / Promotion of humanism
  • Year / 2021
  • Project Status / Ongoing
  • Grant Type
    Young Humanist Grants

Founded in 2009, Filipino Freethinkers is an Associate of Humanists International since 2019. In 2021, with the support of this Digital Humanism Grant, Filipino Freethinkers will organize five “Non-Discrimination and Inclusivity” workshops and will produce the #FeaturedFreethinker series to normalize humanism in the country with the aim creating a a more inclusive society for humanists, non-believers and any other religion or belief minorities.


Filipino Freethinkers has been advancing humanism and secular values since it was founded in 2009. In 2019 Filipino Freethinkers has been awarded with a Regional Hub grant to produce a travelling vodcast called “Hello Humanists!“, interviewing humanist activists from South-East Asia.  Between 2019 and 2020, Filipino Freethinkers organized five Café Humaniste events on the following themes:

A pic from the second episode of “Hello Humanists!”, where Red interviewed two humanist and feminist activists from India.

About the project

With this project, Filipino Freethinkers aims to support young humanists, especially those who are planning to publicly come out as humanists, those who are in the process of coming out, and those who have just recently come out.

In the Philippines, announcing to a conservative family, group of friends, workplace, and society that you are a humanist is one of the scariest and potentially dangerous things a young person can do. Filipino Freethinkers aims to learn about this challenging process through research, equip those who want to help others facing this challenge, and most importantly, help those who are directly in the middle of such a situation.

A Café Humaniste organized by Filipino Freethinkers in 2019 in Manila.For some individuals, announcing that you are leaving religion is only the first step. It is just as important to offer a viable alternative. The humanist outlook is certainly one such alternative, but there is a lack of resources that educate potential humanists in the Philippines about humanism.

Filipino Freethinkers aims to create toolkits both for coming out as well as introducing people to humanism. At the same time, the organization aims to create toolkits for the more “advanced” humanists — those who are already working on progressive advocacy. Filipino Freethinkers will create various toolkits that humanist activists can use on a variety of progressive issues, and all of these toolkits will be grounded on humanist values — including rationality, science, and secularism.

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