Supported Projects

Support of the “Secular Humanist Society of Peru Press Project” to foster the publication of humanist books and magazines in Spanish

  • Organization Name / Secular Humanist Society of Peru
  • Organization Location / Peru
  • Beneficiary Location(s) / Peru
  • Amount of money awarded / £3,572
  • Humanist Issue Tackled / Promotion of critical thinking or scientific and evidence-based information
  • Year / 2021
  • Project Status / Ongoing
  • Grant Type
    Development Grants

Since 2012, the Secular Humanist Society of Peru has been a point of reference for humanism, secularism and human rights in the country. In 2017, it became a Member of Humanists International. This Development Grant will allow the Secular Humanist Society of Peru to scale up and improve the work of its press project, training 80 humanist researchers, publishing a total of five issues of its two magazines, while publishing new books in Spanish for the wider Latin American humanist community.


The mission of the Secular Humanist Society of Peru is to “promote secular humanism and the scientific method in Peruvian community”. To achieve this mission, the organization has used many different strategies: organization of live and online meetings, creation of various online content, publication of scientific and academic books, etc. The Secular Humanist Society of Peru has been one of the most engaged organization since the launch of the Café Humaniste series in 2017, and in April 2020, soon after the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, it was one of the first humanist organizations around the world to quickly shift to online events.

In December 2020, the Secular Humanist Society of Peru published its first book “El mundo invisible” (The invisible world), a series of essays to debunk pseudosciences and conspiracy theories.

In 2020, £3,500 was awarded to Secular Humanist Society of Peru to support their vodcast on critical thinking in Spanish called “Para normales de la noche“. In 2020 only the Secular Humanist Society of Peru broadcasted 41 episodes for a total of 50 hours live, including an episode dedicated to the protection of humanists at risk around the world with the presence of a panel of different Latin American humanist activists. The program had 184,500 views in total via Facebook and YouTube , with an increase of 1,500 followers on the Facebook page of the show and 900 new followers on the page of Secular Humanist Society of Peru.

About the project

In 2020, the Secular Humanist Society of Peru launched its “Fondo Editorial“, a publishing house that gathers together a series of professional and academic researchers from all over the country and that publishes books and magazines on different humanist issues. Among their different publications, it is worth mentioning the “Revista Humanista” (Humanist Magazine), which will be launched in 2021 thanks to the support of Humanists International; and “Futuro Hoy” (Future Today), a scientific-academic journal in Spanish.

In 2021, Humanists International will support the Press Project of the Secular Humanist Society of Peru, including the publication of its new scientific magazine “Future Hoy” (Future Today).

As part of the project, the Secular Humanist Society of Peru will also train 80 researchers on humanism, in order to increase the humanist presence in the Peruvian Academic Community.

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