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Leave a legacy gift in your Will to Humanists International

Humanism stands for the building of a more humane society and when it comes to the future of our planet, the values we share as a community will prove crucial, as humanity seeks to find solutions to the major global challenges that lie ahead.

In recent times, the re-emergence of reactionary populism, nationalism and politicized religious authoritarianism poses a very real threat to the core values of the humanist movement. Principles of universal human rights and liberal secularism seem under more pressure now than at any time in the last 50 years. There is a significant risk that the fracturing of our universal human rights could undermine many of the world-leading achievements of the post-war humanist movement.

By leaving a gift in your Will to Humanists International, you can help to protect the progress that has been made so far and help to build a kinder, more ethical, tolerant and rational world for future generations to come. 

“Humanism has never been more important. People are hungering for a coherent source of purpose to help them deal with the challenges of the present and the permanent dilemmas of the human condition. The old supernatural myths cannot satisfy that longing, nor can divisive political sectarianism. Our hope lies in the human capacity for sympathy and reason, and in the institutions that amplify them.”

Steven Pinker, recipient of the 2021 Distinguished Service to Humanism Award

A proud history of progress

Humanists International is the voice of the global humanist movement. Together, along with our members and supporters, we make up a community of progressive people who all believe a life without religion can be meaningful, ethical and fulfilling, and that everyone should have the right to lead such a life, without fear of persecution or repercussions. Inspired by humanist values, we are optimistic for a world where everyone can have a dignified and fulfilling life.

Since 1952, thanks to the support of like-minded people like you, Humanists International has worked globally to promote humanism, champion secularism and defend the rights of humanists and other non-religious people everywhere. By leaving a gift in your Will to Humanists International, you can ensure we are able to continue this proud tradition of progress.

“Humanists have been at the forefront of social progress in all areas of the world. This is a legacy of which we should be rightly very proud. We have an unwavering commitment to the human rights of free thought, free expression and freedom of belief for everyone, along with an enduring conviction that debate, critical thinking and dissent from dogma are key to promoting freedom, human rights, and tolerance for all.” 

Anne-France Ketelaer, Previous Vice-President of Humanists International

Your support will ensure we can continue to:

  • Lobby at the United Nations and other international institutions to keep humanist values firmly on the agenda at a global level
  • Protect people in dire need who are persecuted for their humanist and non-religious beliefs
  • Monitor and report on freedom of thought and belief across the globe
  • Campaign to repeal out-dated and harmful blasphemy laws
  • Build and support the humanist movement around the world

We are committed to these aims and – with the support of people like you – we will continue our efforts until the day that humanism is accepted all around the world, and humanists are no longer at risk for their beliefs or identity.

“I support Humanists International on a monthly basis and have also left a gift to the organization in my Will. These gifts are investments in our global society, both now and in the future. By giving in this way, I am taking a stand for Humanist values that I know are worthwhile and are for the greater good. Greater acceptance of Humanism is necessary so all people can live in a peaceful world of social and economic justice and although it may take centuries before this task is completed – if ever – it is urgent and important. We must promote Humanism worldwide and protect Humanists who are persecuted for living their values. Seeing the positive impact of my gifts today is deeply satisfying as well as knowing that support for this important work for our world continues as part of my legacy.”

Craig Barlow, Canada

How to leave a gift in your Will

Having a professionally prepared and up-to-date Will is the best way to ensure that your wishes are met once you are gone. Making a Will means that you can decide how your property, money and possessions are distributed, and who should inherit them. 

Once you have provided for your loved ones, you can consider the charitable causes and organizations you care about, such as Humanists International. You may also wish to consider leaving a separate gift to your local or national humanist organization too. That way, the impact of your legacy will be felt on a local and global scale.

You can leave a fixed sum of money or alternatively, many people choose to leave a percentage of their estate. In many countries, adding charitable bequests to your Will can also have tax benefits. We would always recommend that you seek professional advice when making or changing your Will.

To leave a gift to Humanists International, you will need the following charity details:

  • Humanists International 2020 is a Scottish (UK) registered charity
  • Registered charity no. SC050629
  • Registered address: 272 Bath Street, Glasgow, G4 2JR, UK

Or, if you are based in the US:

  • Humanists International, Inc. is a US not-for-profit 501-c(3) registered in New York.
  • EIN: 52-2194803 
  • Registered address: 1821 Jefferson Pl NW, Washington, DC 20036

If you have any questions about leaving a gift in your Will to Humanists International, please contact Victoria Howson at [email protected] or on ‪+44 (0)20 7550 9273‬.

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