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Humanists International News / 15 November 2004

New Issue of International Humanist News

The new issue of IHEU's magazine, [i]International Humanist News[/i], is available on this web site. [url=https://humanists.international/modules/wfsection/article.php?articleid=569]Click here[/url] to get the…
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Humanists International News / 29 September 2004

Are Your Organisations Details Correct?

Our [url=https://humanists.international/modules/xfsection/]Humanist World[/url] section contains the contact details and other information that we have for IHEU member organisations. We know…
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Publications / 29 September 2004

The Brown Book of God

On Wednesday, 29 September, Applied Philosophy Editions (EFA) and the Peruvian Non-Religious Humanist Movement (MPHA) made two presentations of The…
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Humanists International News / 27 September 2004

Updated IHEU Bylaws Published

The [url=https://humanists.international/modules/wfsection/article.php?page=1&articleid=1]amendments to the IHEU Bylaws[/url] passed at the General Assembly held earlier this year in Kampala, Uganda have been…
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10 September 2004

Miracle debunked in Peru

In early September, Gudmer Cabello published claims of a miracle in Lima, Peru. Cabello is a Catholic priest in the…
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