Beneficient voluntary euthanasia

  • Date / 1974
  • Location Ratified / Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Ratifying Body / World Humanist Congress
  • Status / Pending-review

We, the 6th IHEU Congress, declare our support on ethical grounds for beneficent voluntary euthanasia. We believe that reflective ethical consciousness has developed to a point that makes it possible for societies to work out a humane policy toward death and dying. We deplore moral insensitivity and legal restrictions that impede and oppose consideration of the ethical case for euthanasia. We appeal to an enlightened public opinion to transcend traditional taboos and to move in the direction of a compassionate view toward needless suffering in dying.

IHEU Congress 1974

Suggested academic reference

'Beneficient voluntary euthanasia', Humanists International, World Humanist Congress, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 1974

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