Capital punishment (1989)

  • Date / 1989
  • Ratifying Body / Board of Directors
  • Status / Archived

The International Humanist & Ethical Union:

Having regard for the right to life as recognised by article 3 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights,

Considering that the prohibition of the death sentence increasingly comes within the ambit of international human rights standards adopted by governments, the United Nations and within regional intergovernmental organisations,

Reiterating its total opposition to any form of cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment or punishment,

Considering that the death sentence is a violation of the above principles,

Gravely concerned with the growing use of capital punishment in a number of countries, specially the United States of America and the Republic of South Africa,

Iran and Nigeria,

Gravely concerned with the execution of juveniles and mentally retarded,

Noting the fact that the IHEU Commissioner for Human Rights supports the world-wide campaign of Amnesty International concerning the death sentence, Calls on all IHEU Member organisations and Individual Members to promote opposition to the death sentence at the national and international level through protest against governments which support the death penalty, by means of publicity, discussions etc., with the aim to secure the abolition of capital punishment;

Requests all Member Organisations and Individual Members to report their achievements to the 1990 IHEU congress.

Board of Directors 1989

Suggested academic reference

'Capital punishment (1989)', Humanists International, Board of Directors, 1989

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