Caste System

  • Date / 1999
  • Location Ratified / Mumbai, India
  • Ratifying Body / General Assembly
  • Status / Current

Humanism requires that nowhere in the world will people be discriminated on the basis of colour, creed, language or religion. But in India the basis of ‘varna-jati’ system sanctioned by scriptures the majority of the people are condemned as Panchamas. This is the caste system, which is iniquitous and unjust. So it is an obstacle to promoting Humanist development and happiness. In order to abolish this pernicious system it is resolved to request the law makers to amend the constitution to state that caste-ism is abolished in place of the current article which says untouchability is abolished, since untouchability survives only due to the prevalence of castes.

General Assembly, 1999

Suggested academic reference

'Caste System', Humanists International, General Assembly, Mumbai, India, 1999

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