Dalit Women (REFERENCED)

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Integration of the Human Rights of Women (item 12)
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We wish to draw the attention of the Commission once again to the question of the systematic discrimination and abuse of Dalit women in India: as women, untouchable and living in poverty, the “thrice-damned”.
We refer to numerous written submissions to the Commission and Sub-Commission [by organisations such as the Asian Legal Resource Centre and the South Asian Human Rights Documentation Centre. For example, see E/CN.4/2005/NGO/56, /59, /107, /121].

From these reports it is apparent that the efforts of the Government of India have been less than effective in eliminating discrimination against, and abuse of, Dalit women. Far from being eliminated, abuse and violence against Dalits have been on the rise in recent years as they have attempted to assert their legal rights.


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'Dalit Women (REFERENCED)', Humanists International

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