Declaration of Basic Principles (1980)

  • Date / 1980
  • Ratifying Body / Board of Directors
  • Status / Archived

The board resolved:

  1. That a newly formulated Declaration of Basic Principles of the IHEU shall be brought before the Board meeting of 1982 for approval,
    that this Declaration has to be formulated in a number of short, clear and uncomplicated points,
  2. That these points not only have to be acceptable as guidelines for all MOs and their members, but also appealing and attractive for a large majority of non-believers throughout the world,
  3. That the definite Declaration has to be written by one person in order to avoid vagueness owing to corrections, resulting from compromises,
  4. That every member of one of the MOs is given the right and the possibility to formulate the new Declaration,
  5. That each MO select a maximum of two of the proposals made up by its members,
  6. That a Commission formed by the Board selects three of the proposals sent in by the MOs before December 1st 1981, possibly including elements of other proposals,
  7. That the board meeting in 1982 votes for one of the three proposals to be the final one, that of the final selections translations in different languages are necessary.


Board of Directors 1980

Suggested academic reference

'Declaration of Basic Principles (1980)', Humanists International, Board of Directors, 1980

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