• Date / 1965
  • Ratifying Body / Board of Directors
  • Status / Pending-review

The Board of Directors of the International Humanist & Ethical Union:

Expresses the opinion that there exists the possibility of general and universal, controlled disarmament through a number of intermediate stages and that the activities of humanists should be directed towards this possibility, during which process the economic and the collective security aspects of the problem should not be lost sight of;

Understands in consequence of its humanist disposition that it is unworthy of mankind to use nuclear, biological and chemical weapons actively and militarily wherever in the world by any nation or group of nations and in any situation, as this cannot be justified, particularly because of the after effect of nuclear explosions in posterity; declares to support each effort to ban these weapons internationally, provided that this does not provide considerable unilateral military advantages; and to support by all means the necessary information on the present military and economic problems and possibilities in the world; and to support to the utmost, both actively and morally, any serious and objective scientific approach of the problem;

Calls upon human conscience, reason, responsibility and solidarity to achieve through educational, scientific, political and legal means universal disarmament, an international legal order and a peace fore with limited and voluntary accepted and respected powers;
Urges the governments involved to promote accession to the Moscow test ban treaty by all nations and extensions of the treaty to subterranean test; and to further by all means international disarmament consultations, particularly as to nuclear, biological and chemical weapons, and to expose extension of the number of nuclear nations, and to support the efforts to establish instructions for effective control and sanctions.

Board of Directors 1965

Suggested academic reference

'Disarmament', Humanists International, Board of Directors, 1965

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