Dr. Henry Morgantaler (1973)

  • Date / 1973
  • Location / Canada
  • Ratifying Body / Executive Committee
  • Status / Archived

The Executive Committee of the International Humanist & Ethical Union at the annual meeting in Antwerp, Belgium, strongly supports the efforts of Dr Henry Morgantaler of Montreal, for abortion law reform in Canada. We urge that all charges against Dr. Morgantaler be dropped and that all restrictive abortion laws be rescinded.

We are committed to the sanctity of life and the worth and dignity of every person and therefore believe in the right of every woman to choose abortion, if she so desires.

We further urge that the principle of separation of Church and State be recognised, granting to each individual freedom of religion and conscience, and that efforts to impose specific moral or theological doctrines upon the whole community be abandoned.

Executive Committee 1973

Suggested academic reference

'Dr. Henry Morgantaler (1973)', Humanists International, Executive Committee, 1973

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