• Date / 1971
  • Ratifying Body / Executive Committee
  • Status / Pending-review

Ethical Humanists often have had the vision to seek leadership and were given [giving?] leadership in the International Bodies that were being born to assist in the advancement of the well-being of mankind. We acknowledge with pride the fact that
Julian Huxley was the first Director General of UNESCO
Brock Chisholm was the first Director of the World Health Organisation
Sir John Boyd Orr was the first Director of the Food and Agricultural [sic] Organisation
Continuing the tradition of Ethical Humanism and in response to the requests of the planners of the Stockholm Conference, the IHEU should participate as follows:

  1. Send position papers and statements by our experts in the many fields related to human environment – scientific, social, economic, philosophical – to Mr Maurice Strong
  2. Have IHEU national member organisations also present similar, or identical, papers by leaders and experts through their respective countries’ delegates to the Conference for possible inclusion at Stockholm.

Because of its philosophy and way of life, the IHEU is in [a] strategic position to assist in bringing understanding and acceptance of the necessary changes in social attitudes and living habits that inevitably must follow the recommendations and plans resulting from Stockholm Conference. Secretary General U Thant, in this message to the 1970 IHEU Congress, said “By bringing your broad humanistic approach to bear on major issues facing mankind, you will help to chart new directions which civilisation must take if it is to navigate safely through this stormy period of human history . . . It is essential that young and old be equipped with spiritual values and moral strength to meet the challenge of the complex world.”

Executive Committee 1971

Suggested academic reference

'Ecology', Humanists International, Executive Committee, 1971

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