Emergency Resolution Calling for the Restoration of Protection for Narendra Nayak

  • Date / 2023
  • Location / India
  • Location Ratified / Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Ratifying Body / General Assembly
  • Status / Current

This General Assembly of Humanists International, representing 58 Humanist and Rationalist organizations from 27 countries, meeting in Copenhagen, Denmark,

Reiterates its support to the laureate of its Distinguished Service to Humanism, and President of Federation of Indian Rationalist Associations, Narendra Nayak, who has been rendering valuable service to Indian society through his science popularization and courageous anti-superstition campaigns.

We note with concern the threats that Rationalist activists are facing for their public service activism in the light of the assassination of four high-profile Rationalists in Indian public life. We note with concern that our colleague Narendra Nayak has been in the cross-hairs of several militant groups and several attempts to harm him have been tried, as a consequence of which he was provided with armed protection by the police in 2016.

We note with great concern and alarm that the police protection was withdrawn in May 2023 without any reduction in the threat perception for him.

As Narendra Nayak has been continuing his campaign of public education in line with the exhortation of the Indian Constitution to all citizens to “promote the scientific temper and social reform” as a fundamental duty, we urge the Indian administration and the police to restore status quo ante and to restore the armed guard protection that he was given by the police.

Suggested academic reference

'Emergency Resolution Calling for the Restoration of Protection for Narendra Nayak', Humanists International, General Assembly, Copenhagen, Denmark, 2023

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