Human Rights and Development

  • Date / 1992
  • Ratifying Body / World Humanist Congress
  • Status / Current

The International Humanist and Ethical Union (IHEU) supports human rights conventions adopted by the United Nations, the Council of Europe and other international organs.

As an international organisation with members all over the world and a new groups in new countries, we wish to put emphasis on these aspects of human rights:

  1. We condemn individuals, institutions and governments who discriminate on the basis of race, life stance, ethnic origin, gender and sexual orientation. We pledge to support and reinforce the efforts of women and men across the world who advocate for the elimination of such discrimination.
  2. We appeal to the international community to ratify existing international human rights instruments and to respect their contents.
  3. We especially support the UN Convention on the Rights of the child and the UN Convention on Torture. We urge all countries to accede to and implement the conventions.

We are aware of the global into interdependence, and will use our international network to promote humanist values and human rights to make this one world a better world to live in.

IHEU Congress 1992

Suggested academic reference

'Human Rights and Development', Humanists International, World Humanist Congress, 1992

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