Lebanon (1982)

  • Date / 1982
  • Location / Lebanon
  • Location Ratified / Hanover, Federal Republic of Germany
  • Ratifying Body / World Humanist Congress
  • Status / Archived

The International Humanist & Ethical Union, assembled at its 8th World Congress in Hanover, Federal Republic of Germany, August 1-5, 1982, expresses its grave concern with the killing that is going on in the Lebanon.

As humanist we disagree with the use of physical violence for the attainment of political goals by the belligerents. Both the Israeli and Palestinian people have the right to live in their respective independent sovereign states.

We particularly condemn the present siege of a modern city which results in prolonged suffering and loss of life of thousands of people most of whom are innocent civilians, women and children.

IHEU Congress 1982

Suggested academic reference

'Lebanon (1982)', Humanists International, World Humanist Congress, Hanover, Federal Republic of Germany, 1982

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