Opposing apartheid in South Africa (1986)

  • Date / 1986
  • Location / South Africa
  • Location Ratified / Oslo, Norway
  • Ratifying Body / World Humanist Congress
  • Status / Archived

Apartheid in South Africa, which is systematic racism, violates fundamental principles which humanists believe must be basic for all people. Every man and woman the world over has a right to self-determination and equality.

At this time economic sanctions are the best and most effective non-violent means of influencing the government of South Africa to change its attitudes and its policies.

Therefore, the 1986 Humanist World Congress supports those nations which have already decided to impose economic boycotts against South Africa. And, it urges all other nations in the world to take appropriate actions against apartheid and the racist regime in South Africa.

The 1986 Humanist World Congress wishes to show its solidarity with all people who are discriminated against because of their skin colour, race, sex, philosophy of life, and for other reasons. Finally, we appeal for the release of all prisoners of conscience in South Africa and all over the world.

IHEU Congress 1986

Suggested academic reference

'Opposing apartheid in South Africa (1986)', Humanists International, World Humanist Congress, Oslo, Norway, 1986

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