Overthrow of elected government in Chile (1974)

  • Date / 1974
  • Location / Chile
  • Location Ratified / Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Ratifying Body / World Humanist Congress
  • Status / Archived

The IHEU condemns the destruction of humanist values caused by the violent overthrow of the constitutionally elected government of Chile by the military Junta.

The IHEU also deeply regrets the failure of the Commission on Human Rights of the UN to investigate the killings, torturing, imprisonment, banishment and denial of jobs to the Junta’s opposition and the violation of elementary due process and justice to which every individual is entitled.

Further, the IHEU strongly approves the actions of former Swedish Ambassador Harald Edelstamm in opening the gates of his embassy in Santiago to refugees from the terror of the Junta, at great personal risk, and salutes him for his courageous example. The IHEU, also, commends the Human Rights Commission of the OAS (Organisation of American States) for investigating the present situation and for its demand to the Junta for restoration of democratic rights.

We call upon all governments individually and through international bodies to do everything possible for the restoration of democratic freedoms and justice to Chile.

IHEU Congress 1974

Suggested academic reference

'Overthrow of elected government in Chile (1974)', Humanists International, World Humanist Congress, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 1974

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