President Clinton’s right to privacy (1998-10)

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William Jefferson Clinton
The White House, Washington DC, USA

Dear Mr President
We write as President and Executive Director of the International Humanist and Ethical Union (which has 100 member organizations in over 35 countries, including the USA), to express our deep concern at the invasion of your, and Ms. Lewinsky’s privacy.

We consider quite unacceptable the gross interference of both State and judiciary in what are essentially matters of personal morality. Whether the person involved is a private citizen or the President of the United States is immaterial. The public persecution and humiliation to which you are being subjected reminds us humanists of the terrible practices carried out by the Church in the Dark Ages – and the cruelties perpetrated by some theocratic regimes in today’s world. Protection of privacy, when matters do not attract the provisions of the criminal law is a fundamental human right. If privacy were violated by society’s official institutions, we can none of us feel safe in our private lives, and therefore commiserate with you at the public violation of your rights.

As human beings we all rely on a reciprocal sense of solidarity and common humanity from our fellow citizens, and we deeply regret that this has not been available to you, as Congress prepares to initiate impeachment proceedings against you.

Yours sincerely
Levi Fragell, President
Babu Gogineni, Executive Director
Letter from President and Executive Director

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'President Clinton's right to privacy (1998-10)', Humanists International

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