The legal situation of homosexuality (1990-10)

  • Date / 1990
  • Ratifying Body / Board of Directors
  • Status / Archived

The 67th Meeting of Non-Governmental Organisations holding consultative status with the Council of Europe and interested in human rights, present in Strasbourg on October 1990:

  1. Having read the “Memorandum on Recent Developments in Law Affecting the Human Rights of Homosexual Women and Men” introduced by the International Humanist & Ethical Union on September 28 1989;
  2. Convinced that the fight against all forms of discrimination is of vital importance for the maintenance and further realisation of human rights in the member states of the Council of Europe;
  3. Convinced that the moral objections of some religions or beliefs against homosexuality should be respected, but that such objections cannot be accepted as reasonable and objective justifications for restrictions by member states on the exercise of the rights guaranteed by the European Convention on Human Rights;
  4. Endorsing the Parliamentary Assembly’s Recommendation 924 (1981) on discrimination against homosexuals;
  5. Noting that since the Recommendation several member states have repealed laws which discriminated against homosexuality;
    Acknowledging the impetus given to this process by the judgements of the European Court of Human Rights in the Dudgeon and Norris cases;
  6. Observing, however, that a number of member state have kept in force – or even introduced – a variety of laws which discriminate against homosexuality;
  7. Convinced that these law are liable to be used as a justification of further discrimination and attacks against homosexual men and women;
  8. Calls on the member states
  9. To repeal all laws which discriminate against homosexuality;
  10. To refrain from introducing new discriminatory laws;10. Calls on the Council of Europe:
  11. To monitor developments in the social and legal position of homosexuality in the member states,
  12. To keep the various bodies of the Council of Europe informed of these developments,
  13. To take initiatives to accelerate the recognition of the equal value of all human beings and to fight against discrimination of homosexual men and women in all member states.

Resolution submitted by IHEU to an adopted by NGO meeting – October 1990

Suggested academic reference

'The legal situation of homosexuality (1990-10)', Humanists International, Board of Directors, 1990

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