The Soviet Union and détente (1988)

  • Date / 1988
  • Location Ratified / Buffalo, United States of America
  • Ratifying Body / World Humanist Congress
  • Status / Archived
  1. The Congress notes with deep satisfaction the transformations that are going on in the Soviet Union under the leadership of secretary-general Gorbachev.
  2. We support the struggle of humanistic forces in the USSR fighting for democratisation of Soviet society, for freedom of expression, for strict adherence to legality and human rights, for freedom of conscience and emigration. The vital interest of the peoples of the Soviet Union lies in a firm and constant development in the humanistic direction.
  3. We welcome the progress achieved there so far towards disarmament and improvement of relations between the United States and the USSR. Beyond détente and peaceful co-existence we look forward to a period of mutual understanding and close co-operation between the Superpowers and Blocs in the interest of humankind towards the elimination of national armies altogether as a step for strengthening the authority and work of the United Nations and other international organisations; for providing effective assistance to the Third World countries; for bringing a speedy solution to regional conflicts; and, generally, for building a better world for humankind.


1988 IHEU World Congress

Suggested academic reference

'The Soviet Union and détente (1988)', Humanists International, World Humanist Congress, Buffalo, United States of America, 1988

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