The Vatican and family planning

  • Date / 1974
  • Ratifying Body / Board of Directors
  • Status / Pending-review

This spring the Vatican has started a campaign to propagate its viewpoint on birth control. Thus it takes overt stand against the 1974 World Population Year, proclaimed by the UN. According to The Times in London the Vatican resists all efforts to develop a system of world population control. It rejects contraceptives, sterilisation and abortion.

In view of this startling campaign I cannot but repeat the statement I gave at the Brussels meeting with the Vatican secretariat for Unbelievers on October 1, 2 and 3, 1970: “The official catholic policy influences through catholic political power to a high degree the policy of nations even if the catholics represent a minority of the population.

And by this effect the leading circles of the Roman Catholic churchtake a tremendous responsibility for the future of mankind. Poverty, lack of medical and educational services, pollution, starvation, conflict and war are aggravated by excessive increase of population. So the attitude of the official leadership of the Roman Catholic church regarding voluntary contraception, family planning and population control leads to appalling social consequences”.

So once more in history religious dogmatism leads to immoral activities. Humanists cannot but oppose this policy, supporting this UN effort towards population control to the benefit of human beings.

Statement by Prof Dr J P Van Praag 1974

Suggested academic reference

'The Vatican and family planning', Humanists International, Board of Directors, 1974

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