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Please donate to support humanists facing persecution and discrimination.

Donate to support humanists at riskAt Humanists International, we believe everyone should have the right to express their non-religious beliefs without fear of repercussions. However, our research shows 70% of the world’s population live in countries where the expression of humanist values is severely repressed.

Worse still, outspoken humanists and atheists who do express their beliefs or criticize religion often face discrimination, ostracism, prison terms, or even death – be it from state-sanctioned punishment or vigilante violence.

The support we are able to provide to humanists at risk is entirely funded by donations like yours. Since the program officially launched in 2020, we have been able to help more than 750 people, however, demand for the service remains high, with new requests arriving every week.

Every contribution we receive is used wisely to help as many people as possible, prioritizing those at the greatest risk and whom we know we are best positioned to help. Donations like yours help to fund a dedicated caseworker and in some cases may help to pay for medical costs, legal fees, living expenses and relocation.

Please show your support and solidarity with a donation today. You can donate in US dollars below or if you would prefer, you can also donate in British pounds or donate in euros.

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