Freedom of Thought Report

Freedom of Thought Report


The Freedom of Thought Report is provided as a free online resource for everyone.



The Freedom of Thought Report by Humanists International assesses every country in the world on the basis of human rights and the legal status with regard to humanists, atheists, and the non-religious.

We believe it is important to document discriminatory national laws and state authorities which violate freedom of religion or belief and freedom of expression. As well as affecting the overtly nonreligious, such as atheists and humanists, such systemic discrimination also often affects religious people, in particular minorities and non-conformists, and the unaffiliated (those who hold no particular worldview or religion).

Systemic, legal discrimination can include such things as established state churches (resulting in religious privilege), religious instruction provided without secular ethical alternative classes in schools, through to severe punishments such as prison for crimes of “insulting” religion, or death merely for expressing your atheism.

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