Since 1952 we have created policy positions on important global issues.

Our policies are passed in-line with our general statement of policy, agreed in 2015.

Here you can search our database of past and current policy papers, which guide the work of our organization.

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Policy / 1985 / South Africa / Board of Directors / Archived

Human rights in South Africa (1985)

Believing That Apartheid and other forms of discrimination on the grounds of race are against the principles of humanism; That…
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Policy / 1984 / South Africa / Board of Directors / Archived

Human rights in South Africa (1984)

Noting: The undue influence of the White Dutch Reformed Churches in South Africa over the South African government; That their…
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Policy / 1982 / Lebanon / Hanover, Federal Republic of Germany / World Humanist Congress / Archived

Arrested PLO members (1982)

The International Humanist & Ethical Union, assembled at its 8th World Congress in Hanover, Federal Republic of Germany, August 1-5,…
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Policy / 1981 / Yugoslavia (former) / Archived

Yugoslav Humanists (1981)

The Honourable Cvijetin Mijatović, President SFR Yugoslavia The Presidency, Belgrade, Yugoslavia Dear Sir, The IHEU wishes to register an emphatic…
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Policy / 1976 / India / Board of Directors / Archived

State of emergency in India (1976)

The Board of Directors of the International Humanist & Ethical Union notes with grave concern that, exactly a year after…
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Policy / 1974 / Yugoslavia (former) / Board of Directors / Archived

Marxist humanism in Yugoslavia (1974-12)

The Marshall Josip Broz Tito, President of the Federal Socialist Republic of Yugoslavia Mr. President For the third time in…
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Policy / 1974 / Board of Directors / Pending Review

The Vatican and family planning

This spring the Vatican has started a campaign to propagate its viewpoint on birth control. Thus it takes overt stand…
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Policy / 1970 / Board of Directors / Archived

The Pope’s message (1970)

“Without Christ there is no true humanism” – The Pope – Urbi et Orbi (Osservatore Romano – January 1st, 1970)…
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Policy / 1970 / Executive Committee / Current


The Amsterdam Declaration of the International Humanist & Ethical Union affirms that the fullest possible development of every human being…
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