Since 1952 we have created policy positions on important global issues.

Our policies are passed in-line with our general statement of policy, agreed in 2015.

Here you can search our database of past and current policy papers, which guide the work of our organization.

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Policy / 2007 / Brussels, Belgium / General Assembly / Archived

The Brussels Declaration (2007)

We, the people of Europe, hereby affirm our common values. They are based not on a single culture or tradition…
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Policy / 2005 / Paris, France / World Humanist Congress / Current

The Paris Declaration 2005

The 16th World Humanist Congress unanimously agreed the following declaration formulated by Libre Pensee Francais. The Congress was held in…
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Policy / 2005 / Paris, France / World Humanist Congress & General Assembly / Pending Review

Comprehensive secularism

The International Humanist and Ethical Union, taking into account the currently emerging situation world-wide, resolves that the humanist movement must…
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Policy / 2005 / India / Archived

Dalits and the Tsunami (2005-05)

Specific groups and individuals (item 14 b and d) Mr Chairman, Monsieur le Président, The International Humanist and Ethical Union…
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Policy / 2002 / Noordwijkerhout, Netherlands / World Humanist Congress / Current

Amsterdam Declaration 2002

Humanism is the outcome of a long tradition of free thought that has inspired many of the world’s great thinkers…
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Policy / 2000 / Australia / Regional Congress / Pending Review

Blasphemy laws

That this Congress views with grave concern the frivolous and vindictive use of blasphemy laws, having negative impact on the…
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Policy / 2000 / Australia / Australia / Regional Congress / Archived

Euthanasia (2000-11)

This Congress urges the state governments of Australia and the government of New Zealand to enact legislation which will permit…
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