Announcement – Leadership Development Training Program on Humanism

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  • Date / 19 October 2010

“Leadership Development Training Program on Humanism”

November 17-20, Kathmandu, Nepal

Organizers: International Humanist and Ethical Union (www.iheu.org)

International Humanist and Ethical Youth Organisation (www.iheyo.org)

Society for Humanism, SOCH Nepal (www.sochnepal.org)

Federation of Indian Rationalist Association (FIRA)

Social Development Foundation (SDF), India

Ultimately humanist’s idea is winning the world because we are based on rational/logic and science which do not seem to have alternative. Those dealers of superstitions are felling day by day. If single person among million can change the society, fortunately we are thousand among million to change. If we hit the power of thousand together, the speed of change will be geared up. We need to come together for shaping our vision of change. Also coming together helps learning from each other.

International Humanist and Ethical Union (IHEU) and International Humanist and Ethical Youth Organisation (IHEYO) are putting their maximum effort to organize the humanist minded leaders together to mainstream the humanist movement in the world. Humanism evolves with local ideas; we might have our own way of developing our own society with own effort. Also, it is true that there are many thinking like you.

We are coining a unique event to call regional humanists together for sharing, shaping and strengthening our knowledge and relationship.

We are suffering from various superstitions. We accept many superstitions even though there is no logic behind it. It is ultimately slowing down our development and protecting the violation of human rights. Also, life is mixed with various things, how to filter whether this is rational or not because we cannot know everything. We have to trust some body. If they are cheating me then how could I know? Those questions come in mind when we are trying to avoid superstition in life.

Our idea is to organize ourselves in a platform to discuss those issues to refine humanist movement in South Asia. We feel glad that there are world’s top humanist activists available among us. So, let’s organize the event for shaping our knowledge. We title this gathering “Humanist Leadership Development Program”

Objective of the leadership development program:

  1. Sharing and exchanging knowledge

  2. Network development

  3. Learning unique thoughts/dreams to promote sustainable humanist activism in South Asia

  4. Increasing the humanist cadres

  5. Mainstreaming the humanist movement

  6. IHEYO is also organizing its Asian group’s meeting during the time. Interested may join.  

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