In 2020 we will support 12 humanist projects across the world

We awarded a total of £36,000 to support the projects of 12 Members and Associates in different areas of the world. Here they are!

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  • Date / 24 February 2020

Humanists International and Young Humanists International are glad to announce the 12 projects awarded with a grant within the 2020 Growth & Development Plan.

As you might recall, last year we announced with great advance all our Grants for 2020:

  • £40,000 in Travel Grants: awarded to 27 activists in developing countries to attend next World Humanist Congress
  • £6,000 for Café Humaniste events: two grants awarded so far, applications open all year round – apply now!
  • £20,000 in Humanist Development Grants: deadline to apply was 26 January 2020
  • £16,000 in Young Humanist Grants: deadline to apply was 26 January 2020

Humanist Development Grants

For the Humanist Development Grants we have received 18 applications for a total of £83,655, which is more than four times the available budget. After a careful evaluation of all proposals, Humanists International has awarded the following 8 projects:

Filipino Freethinkers - £3,000

Creation of a new website displaying portraits of humanists from all around with their motivation behind their humanism. The project takes inspiration from the #YoungFeministVision project. Filipino Freethinkers will also create a short video to record the “vibe” of 2020 World Humanist Congress in Miami, from 6 to 9 August

Think - £4,000

Think is a volunteer-led charity co-founded in 2019 by Bonya Ahmed and Imtiaz Shams, two brave and incredibly talented humanist activists. By creating educational videos in several languages, Think’s goal is to spread scientific knowledge and humanist values all around the world, especially in those part of the world where humanism, scientific research and free thought are hindered by disinformation and regressive movements.

Bogotá Atea - £1,000

The second Latin American Freethinkers Meeting will be held in Colombia, in the beautiful city of Pereira, from 16 to 18 July. Humanists International will be supporting the event with a grant of £1000 to record and stream the event online, like we did back in 2018 for the first Encuentro in Arequipa, Peru. Have a look at the videos from the first Meeting on YouTube.

"Taip" kitaip - £2,200

“Taip” kitaip is an Associate of Humanists International from Lithuania. The name of the organisation is a word pun and it means: “An alternative way to say ‘yes'”, referring to the the sentence “Yes, I do” used during marriages. After the amazing success obtained with the celebration of humanist ceremonies in Lithuania, now “Taip” kitaip will set in place a new project, meant to start celebrating humanist funerals in the country.

Secular Humanist Society of Peru - £3500

One of the top projects of the Secular Humanist Society of Peru is “Para normales de la noche”, a vodcast on critical thinking in Spanish made available on the FM radio, social networks and Spotify. Humanists International will help deliver new episodes of the series, including one episode on international humanism and the situation of humanists at risk around the world.

Humanists Guatemala - £3,500

Humanists International will fund Humanists Guatemala’s most successful activities, including the critical thinking podcast “Trece Punto Siete“, the series of events “Ideas & Chelas”, the Book Club “Club de Lectura”, etc.

Kazimierz Lyszczynski Foundation - £1,000

Kazimierz Lyszczynski Foundation will use this grant to conceive and launch a new campaign on the right to die with dignity, with the ultimate goal of lobbying the Polish Parliament in order to pass a law on assisted suicide and euthanasia.

Ambedkar Social Institute - £1,800

Humanists International will fund a series of workshops on humanism, secularism and critical thinking organised by our Indian Associate Ambedkar Social Institute, based in Giridih, in the state of Jharkhand.

Young Humanist Grants

For the Young Humanist Grants we have received 11 applications for a total of £34,106, which is more than two times the available budget. After a careful evaluation of all proposals, Humanists International has awarded the following 4 projects, one in each world region (Americas, Asia, Africa, Europe):

Children's Spaces - £2,770

Children’s Spaces will use this grant to both consolidate their YouTube channel and to create a new Tik Tok channel with videos on humanism and critical thinking conceived specifically for kids and teenagers.

Filipino Freethinkers - £4,000

Filipino Freethinkers will organise the annual Asian Humanism Conference, held last year in Singapore with the support of one Young Humanists International’s grants. The Asian Humanism Conference will be held in November 2020, in Manila: humanist and secular activists from all over Asia will gather together in the capital of the Philippines to discuss regional and global issues, attend workshops, etc.

South African Secular Society - £4,000

South African Secular Society (SASS) regularly receives complaints from secular humanist parents about the negative effects of religion being taught in their children’s public schools. SASS’s ambitious project is to develop a critical thinking course as part of the South African education curriculum.

Humanist Society Scotland - £4,000

Humanist Society Scotland‘s project aims to produce short video media, which summarises the key points of the Amsterdam Declaration for use on social media and in school, college and university engagement. The target audience for this media is be <26. Humanist Society Scotland aims to produce between 5 and 10 short media clips (less than 2 minutes each) which cover a different aspect of the Amsterdam Declaration and how humanists approach moral or ethical issues in line with the Declarations key points.

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