Interview with Mubarak Bala’s wife, Amina Ahmed: “Thanks for not giving up on Mubarak”

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  • Date / 6 October 2021

While Mubarak Bala spent more than 500 days in jail, Humanists International had the privilege to interview his wife Amina: “Thanks Humanists International for your support and for not giving up on Mubarak, the struggle is still on”. Humanists International renews its fundraising appeal to help cover Mubarak’s legal expenses.

On 5 August 2021, Humanists International’s Humanists At Risk Coordinator, Emma Wadsworth-Jones, had a 30-minute interview with Amina Ahmed, the wife of Mubarak Bala. The interview gives a touching and personal insight into Amina and Mubarak’s relationship – how they first met, their new-born son, their plans for the future, the current struggle, and how the global humanist community can help.

“It is a very tough time for me and for my baby”, said Amina. “At first I was falling into depression and I had Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. I spent all my time crying, because I didn’t know when Mubarak would be out of jail. I kept asking myself: ‘Where is he? Where is he?’. Thanks to the support of a therapist now I am better and I have the hope that Mubarak will come out soon. But when this will be over, we will need to heal, both of us”.

A chemical engineer by training, Mubarak Bala is the President of the Humanist Association of Nigeria and has been held in detention since his arrest on 28 April 2020 in connection with a Facebook post.

Held for 15 months without any charge, Bala now faces charges of public disturbance in connection with Facebook posts deemed “blasphemous”. Humanists International continues to campaign to ensure his safe release from detention.

I really want to thank Humanists International for your support and for not giving up on Mubarak. I’m really grateful for everything you have been doing. I see that the humanist community has not given up on Mubarak, that the struggle is still on, and that you are supporting us in any way possible”.

Amina Ahmed

Humanists International calls on help from the humanist community once again. Mubarak Bala needs our financial support to retain the services of a professional team of lawyers to continue defending him until he is free and safe. Even a small contribution already goes a long way, please consider donating here.

Donate now to help us cover Mubarak Bala’s legal expenses

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