Take Action! Send a letter of support to Mubarak Bala


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  • Date / 5 May 2022

As the campaign for Mubarak Bala’s release enters its next phase, Humanists International encourages supporters across the globe to send a message of solidarity to him and his family to give him strength for the challenge ahead.

The impact of such a simple act cannot be underestimated.
Letters and messages of support can provide much-needed moral support in difficult times, and remind Mubarak and his family that they have not been forgotten.

Wole Soyinka, International Humanist Award recipient 2014

“I imagine you pacing your cell, just as I have done. Feeling with each passing day, the added strain. But I know too, that with each passing day you will reach further into your reserves – reserves that you have always thought finite – and discover strength of which you had never dreamed.

“I write today to tell you that you are not alone, there is a whole community across the globe that stands beside you and will fight for you. We will not rest until you are free and safe.”

Letter-writing guidelines

What to send

It is up to you what sort of correspondence you want to have but you may want to consider the following recommendations:

  • That you are sending a message of good will in the hope that your card finds them in good health/spirits;
  • We recommend that you send general greetings or tourist cards from your own town if possible – these can be a powerful way of showing individual writers, as well as the prison guards, that they have supporters across the globe;
  • Keep your messages brief and not too personal. You want to express support and solidarity but not raise expectations;
  • If you plan to send more than one letter, you may wish to number them, as well as to send copies of your previous letter in case they don’t reach their intended recipient. If you plan to send multiple letters, you may wish to include a return address so that they may write back.

In order to avoid any related repercussions, we recommend that you do not:

  • Comment directly on their case;
  • Include overtly political or religious messages, symbolism or references.

Need some inspiration? Read Nobel Laureate Wole Soyinka’s letter of solidarity marking 100 days in detention.

How to send them

Humanists International will be collecting the letters on behalf of Mubarak and his family. We will send them on to his wife, Amina, in batches as we receive them.

This will ensure that we can document the messages you have sent, and also ensure that the family postal address is not made public on the internet.

Virtual messages
Send your email using the subject ‘Message for Mubarak’ to [email protected]

Physical messages
If you have the capacity to send physical letters from wherever you are based you are very welcome to do so. In such cases, please address them to:

Mubarak Bala
C/o Humanists International
272 Bath Street,
G4 2JR,

Please note that participants are expected to cover the postage costs of sending cards and letters to Humanists International’s offices.

Spread the word

We hope to reach and engage new audiences through this campaign, please:

  • Please share details of the campaign with your friends and colleagues;
  • Please consider sharing your messages of support or photographs of any cards or letters you send with the Humanists International team and on social media to encourage others to get involved. Please use the hashtag #FreeMubarakBala and tag @HumanistsInt where possible.

Get involved

To find out how else you can get involved in the campaign to #FreeMubarakBala click here

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