Humanists International holds first in-person General Assembly since the pandemic started

  • Date / 5 June 2022

On 5 June, over 80 delegates from around the world took part in Humanists International’s General Assembly 2022, the first in-person gathering at Humanists International since the pandemic started.

After a successful conference hosted by our Member, Humanist Society Scotland on Saturday, 4 June, the global humanist community gathered once again on Sunday for the 2022 General Assembly of Humanists International.

Over 80 delegates from across the world attended the event. Among them, are representatives of member organizations, staff and Board Members, and Individual Supporters of Humanists International.

During his opening remarks, President of Humanists International and chair of the event, Andrew Copson, said:

“It’s wonderful to be able to see so many of you in person again. I can’t believe it’s been almost 3 years since we last gathered in a General Assembly back in Iceland in 2019. Who could have known then what we do now and who could have imagined what we would all have been through. From speaking to many of you, I know what a deeply difficult time it has been. All of us have had to bear challenges, in one way or another, which we could never have imagined. However, we are here, we have been able to meet again and I’m sure you’ll agree with me that we have absolutely made the most of our time together here in Glasgow.”

New Members and Associates

The General Assembly voted to welcome 6 new Members and Associates to its global family:

New Members

  • Tanweer Movement
  • Humanist Society Mexico
  • PICH
  • Kenya Humanist Alliance

New Associates

  • Nari.News
  • Advocacy for Alleged Witches

Board elections

In addition to welcoming new Members and Associates, the Assembly oversaw the successful re-election of three nominees to Humanists International’s Board of Directors.

Andrew Copson was confirmed as the President of the organization. Anya Overmann was re-elected as the President of the Young Humanists International, and Roslyn Mould was re-elected as a Board Member.

Declaration of Modern Humanism

The Assembly also approved the Declaration of Modern Humanism.

During her closing remarks, the Vice-President of Humanists International, Anne-France Ketelaer, said:

Humanists International exists to be at the heart of a vibrant, global humanist community.

Today we agreed on a new “Amsterdam Declaration”, a refreshing of our definition of modern humanism. This text, the product of over two years of work, is not only a well-crafted and inspiring document which will guide and steer the work of our movement for years to come; but the fact of its revision is itself a sign of our commitment to self-reflection, lifelong learning, and the ongoing process of personal development that we as humanists cherish dearly.

So we look now towards the future.

Anne-France also mentioned that the family of Humanists International is looking forward to meeting once again in 2023 for the World Humanist Congress in Copenhagen. It will be the first Congress in almost a decade.

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