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Humanists International is the global representative body of the humanist movement, uniting a diversity of non-religious organisations and individuals. Our Members and Associates include humanist, rationalist, secular, ethical culture, atheist and freethought organisations all over the world.


Existing Members and Associates

Our Members and Associates are the core of the democratic structure of Humanists International. They can nominate candidates for the Board, vote at the General Assembly, propose policies, nominate candidates for our awards, and much more.

We support our Members and Associates wherever possible with media, financial and advocacy support, or through training and advice as part of our Growth & Development plan.

We work together with our Members and Associates on publications such as the Freedom of Thought Report and campaigns like End Blasphemy Laws.

New Members and Associates

Whether your group is new or established for many years, the Board of Humanists International is accepting applications to join Humanists International from anywhere in the world.

Our Members and Associates vary in size and shape, with different histories and facing different circumstances. However, we all work toward the same humanist vision, as defined by the Amsterdam Declaration 2002.

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