Young Humanist Climate Action

As the climate crisis’s impact intensifies over time, it is the children and young people of today who will face the worst effects. So it will be the youth who have to be the main driving force for positive and long-term change in building a world where humanity can live in harmony with nature.

Climate change is, without doubt, one of our generation’s most significant challenges. The science is settled, climate change has already progressed from a scientific observation to a real, everyday phenomenon that affects how we live or die. However, unwilling to sit idly by, young people all around the world have begun to fight back on a never-before-seen magnitude.

And as the world and its people need all the support they can get in the pursuit of climate justice, Young Humanists International created the Young Humanist Climate Action.

Young Humanist Climate Action project aims:

  • To establish a united front of young humanists for climate action
  • To encourage climate change conversations and its interdependence with other human rights issues in the humanist movement
  • To educate and raise awareness on the current climate crisis and the environment
  • To communicate and promote the science behind climate change

Humanists warn of climate change emergency

In 2019, Humanists International has put on record at the UN, warning that the world must wake up to the science.

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Act now on the Climate Crisis

On the launch of the Young Humanist Climate Action on 27 July 2021, three young humanists and climate activists from around the world put on record the urgency why as humanists we need to do more for the ongoing Climate Crisis.

Why should humanists care more about the climate crisis?

We asked this question to young humanists worldwide, and here’s what they have to say.


More information on the Climate Crisis

Are there also climate change campaigns done by other humanist organizations?

  • #BackToTheClimate: A climate change campaign of our Belgian Member, deMens.nu, calling for the 1.5°C global temperature limit, elimination of inequalities through solidarity and fair climate policy, and all-front climate action.
  • EcoHumanism: An environmental campaign by our Member, Humanist Society Scotland that recognizes the impact of human activities on the Earth’s resources and champions a responsible approach for the present and future generations that have no voice.
  • HERE for Climate: A call for climate action by our Member, American Humanist Association. Humanist Environmental Response Effort (HERE), connects local individuals and community organizations with the resources they need to take climate action.
  • Humanist Climate Action: A volunteer-led network created by our Member, Humanists UK. It is committed to redefining lifestyles and campaigning for policies that promote low-carbon, ethical, and sustainable living in the light of the degeneration of the Earth’s climate and biodiversity.
  • Think School: With the support of Humanist International through the Digital Humanism Grant, our Associate, Think, releases 14 open-license videos in a series on the climate crisis, in Bangla and English for ESL speakers – here is the launch video in English and Bangla.
  • HAPI Green Movement: A department from our Associate, Humanist Alliance Philippines, International that focuses on the environment and in response to the Philippines as the most climate-affected country.

What's the current state of the climate?

What is the climate action progress in different countries?

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