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“Humanism in Zambia”: creation of a 12-episode podcast to spread humanism in the country

  • Organization Name / Humanists & Atheists of Zambia
  • Organization Location / Zambia
  • Beneficiary Location(s) / Zambia
  • Amount of money awarded / £4,000
  • Humanist Issue Tackled / Promotion of humanism
  • Year / 2021
  • Project Status / Cancelled (The project has been temporarily suspended while waiting for an organizational restructuring.)
  • Grant Type
    Digital Humanism Grants

Founded in 2018, our Associate Humanists & Atheists of Zambia (HAZ) is promoting humanism in the country with a series of live conferences and online events. In 2021, HAZ will record and publish a 12-episode podcast to discuss different humanist themes, from the origin of African humanism down to feminism and freedom of speech.


Humanists & Atheists of Zambia (HAZ) was founded in 2018 by Larry Tepa (the President) and Thasiyana Mwandila (the Vice-President) as the first humanist organization in Zambia. Despite the harsh stigma against atheists in the country, HAZ has achieved a series of great results in the last few years, including the organization of the “I’m a proud humanist” conference in 2019 and three Café Humaniste on the following themes:

The participants to the “I’m proud humanist” conference in October 2019, organized with the financial support of Humanists International.

About the project

In 2021, HAZ wants to create an alternative platform for Zambian humanists to discuss Humanism, Atheism, Secularism, Religion and other related, relevant topics, in the form of a weekly podcast. This discussion and debate programme will involve 2-3 panelists, including the anchor, a recurring guest, and main guest (preferably an expert). The duration of each episode of this podcast will be 15-25 minutes, and will target a 20 and above age demographic.

The programme will be produced at a central location on a monthly basis, and will be released on various streaming platforms. Topics to be discussed includes, freedom of speech, women’s rights, African identity, Feminism and Gender based violence.

The banner of the Café Humaniste event organized by Humanists & Atheists of Zambia in collaboration with Humanists International

Zambia is a deeply religious state whose majority populace are Christians, with only a tiny fragment of this population identifying as non religious. It is therefore the organization’s goal to normalize secularism in the country and work with the secular community in Zambia to foster change through progressive ideals in our immediate communities. It is therefore an immediate priority to have discussion that inspire progressive – making this podcast an absolute priority.

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